Thailand : Being a Student in the College with Uniform :) So Unique :)

Good Morning :) Prepare My 1st Day in MUIC :)
This is our uniform, Do you can see the logo in my shirt?

Go to MUIC by bus, there are 3 alternative buses
(1) AC (2) Non AC (3) Free
And this morning we choose Non AC Bus with the price is 7 Bath (Rp 2100)

After go to IO to add/drop the courses, we want to go to canteen.
Yeayyyy breakfast!!!
Natasia Rumondang and Me :)

Esti Dwi Pratiwi and Me in the same major : International Business :D


Ecky Agassi said...

waaa, selamat kuliah dengan seragam yaa viaa,tampak unyu, hehe :D

My Life, My Dream, My Creativity said...

hahahhaa unyu sekaleeee :P
Pakai hitam-putih, sabuk, ID card, sama logo pin hahhahaa

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