When I Taught My Friend How to Use Veil :)

I was surprised when Mama Nong told me if she want to know how to use veil (hijab). Then, she asked me to help her learn about it. Actually I am not kind of women that creative in using a veil than my friends, so I only can teach basic hijab style to her.

Finally, after we finished our travelling to Khao Yai, Farm Chokchai, kap Kinkhawyen thi Chao Phraya River, I teach her how to use hijab in her house :) 

Tralalalallaaaaaa.... She look so beautiful right? She who use blue shirt in picture above is Mama Nong :)

Then her daugher also my friend, June, interested to use hijab too. Wowwwwwww, June looked so beautiful :) It's wonderful :p ^^ June, I miss you so much :)))

Have Fun a Whole Day with June and Mama Nong :*

I Can't Forget a Lot of Fun with June and Mama Nong :)))

June... Thank You so Much for Taking My Pics :p

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